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Sanghwang Mushroom Soap 100g

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • This product is made by the following process: after active ingredients are accurately mixed, 2% sanghwang mushroom extract concentrate, which is extracted while sanghwang mushrooms are being cooked in a double boiler, is added during the soap-making reaction process. The functional substances effective for disinfection and moisturizing, and sanghwang mushroom with its deoxidizing and anti-aging effect prevent the aging process of skin. Mushrooms have long been used for medicinal purposes as well as food. The natural beta-glucans from sanghwang mushrooms are reported to have better qualities than those of other food. Beta-glucans are large structure polysaccharides that have glucose connected continuously.

  • Beta-glucoses occur in the cell wall of yeast and certain types of fungi and bacteria, but not in the human body. Beta-glucans occur in sanghwang mushrooms among mushrooms used for medicinal purposes. Documentary records state that the term 'sanghwang' is made up of 'sang' meaning a mulberry tree and 'hwang' meaning yellow. It is referred to as 'sangyi' or 'sangmokyi' in oriental medical literatures, interpreted as yellow mushroom from a mulberry tree. Sanghwang mushroom is classified into five categories: woody mud mushroom, dry mud mushroom, horse dropping mud mushroom, black mud mushroom, and fallen leave songcheung mushroom. From among fifty kinds of sanghwang mushroom known worldwide eight of them grow naturally in Korea. In particular, P-Linteus (Phellinuse-Linteus) and P-Baumii (Phellinus-Baumii) belonging to the wood mud mushroom category are widely cultivated by farmers. Containing beta-glucans, these two kinds are often referred to as sanghwang mushroom in Korea. The medicinal substances in sanghwang mushrooms are highly effective in preventing the aging process of skin cells, and providing skin with good nutrition, and form popular ingredients of skin care products.


  • This key ingredient of this product is coconut oil; this is mixed with grape seed oil, sorbitol, tocopherol, and jojoba oil, to which sanghwang mushroom extract is added.