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Bamboo Charcoal Powder Soap 100g

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[BLACK-TEC Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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  • This product is made by the following process: after active ingredients are accurately mixed, well-mixed bamboo charcoal powder 1.2% is added during the soap-making reaction process. Bamboo charcoal powder directly penetrates the skin and is particularly effective for anti-bacterial, cleansing, and removing sebum and poisonous substances from cosmetics.

  • Oak or pine trees are normally used for charcoal, but bamboo charcoal is mainly used for special functions or in the bio-industry. Started in 1968 by Tokyo University in Japan, research and development of bamboo charcoal has been conducted to a great extent by many countries and companies. There are a large number of research results showing important and mysterious effects of bamboo. For example, bamboo is the only living creature that survived the atomic air raid in Hiroshima. Furthermore, by enduring defoliant during the Vietnam War, it proved to be the plant with the strongest vital power on earth. Bamboo grows 1m daily, showing a remarkable growth process.

  • Once ripened, it does not grow tall or thick but still demonstrates its forceful propagation power under the ground by expanding its roots like a cobweb. There is a vigorous movement to use natural bamboos for charcoal, since the effect of synthetic agriculture on food ingredients has been raised. Charcoal is not only excellent fuel, but also blocks harmful electromagnetic waves based on its excellent electrical conduction function. Moreover, it produces negative ions, which purify the air, and emits far-infrared rays, which promote metabolism. Its highly-developed fine holes and crevices absorb and remove poisonous substances, and readily absorb liquids


  • A key ingredient of this product is coconut oil; this is mixed with grape seed oil, sorbitol, tocopherol, and jojoba oil, to which fine bamboo powder grown through parasite-free cultivation is added. The product keeps skin clean and pure.