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Green Tea Soap 100g

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[BLACK-TEC Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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  • This product is made by the following process: after the active ingredients are accurately mixed, high-quality green tea extract concentrate is added during the soap-making reaction process. The functional substances contained in the product are effective for disinfection and moisturizing, and the green tea extract in the product, which is made in a low temperature double boiler, contains five times more vitamin C than lemon. These ingredients prevent skin from becoming rough, increase the elasticity of hypodermic tissues, and moisturize skin, keeping skin soft and toned.

  • Tea with anti-aging effect contains anti-oxidizing ingredients that control the aging process. Tea leaves have small quantities of chemical elements such as zinc, copper, iron, manganese, and fluorine, caffeine, and polyphenol, and large amounts of vitamin P which is lacking in food generally, and organic matters with medicinal effects. Furthermore, the amount of vitamin C contained in tea leaves, five times more than that of lemon, controls rough scaly skin, gives hypodermic tissues elasticity, and keeps skin moisturized, leaving it smooth and glowing.

  • Tea has the effect of neutralizing the poison of heavy metals. Catekin contained in tea removes radioisotopes from the human body before they reach the bone marrow. This mechanism also applies to nicotine in tobacco. Nicotine when absorbed into the body stimulates the sympathetic nerve and contracts blood vessels, which may cause shortness of breath and even lead to lung cancer. Polyphenols in tea easily combine with nicotine and helps the system release nicotine. A cup of tea is of great help to people in modern society often suffering from tiredness, hangovers, and chronic fatigue for both mental and physical health. Caffeine contained in green tea helps stimulate cerebral activities and ensure various functions in the body system. Coffee also contains caffeine but may lead to caffeine addiction due to the larger quantity in a cup of coffee than that of tea. Furthermore, theophylline, catekin, and theanine, which are contained in tea leaves but not in coffee, are combined with caffeine and make it insoluble or restrain its activity. As a result, tea does not have the side effects of coffee.


  • A key ingredient of this product is coconut oil; this is mixed with grape seed oil, sorbitol, tocopherol, and jojoba oil, to which green tea extract is added.