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Dongchunghacho (Cordyceps) Soap 100g

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • This product is made by the following process: after the active ingredients are accurately mixed, high quality cordyceps extract concentrate is added during the soap-making reaction process. The functional substances effective for disinfection and moisturizing, and cordyceps extract concentrate contained in the product are greatly effective in strengthening immunity, and prevent tiredness and the anti-aging process of the human body, keeping skin healthy.

  • Cordyceps is a type of mushroom used for medicinal purposes; cordyceps fungi enter the body of live insects at a time of the year of high humidity and temperature. The fungi grow and multiply, and eventually kill the host insect and form the fruiting body on the epidermis of the insect. Originally cordyceps refers to cordyceps sinensis from the larvae of hepialidae moths. However, these days cordyceps is a general term for mushrooms from spiders, and fungi as well as insects.
    The reference to cordyceps appeared in 1082 in Munheonjeungryuboncho, China, which mentioned ‘seonwha (cicada cordyceps)’. When a French missionary in China bought and sent cordyceps to France, and published his study on cordyceps in Science Academy in 1727, it became known to the West. Cooke published a complete book about cordyceps in 1892, which was entitled “Vegetable Wasps and Plant Worms”, which became an English name for cordyceps. However, the term, cordyceps, is widely used these days.

  • Cordyceps has a variety of medical effects on bacteria (controlling staphylococci, streptococci, bacilli, malleus bacillus, hypovolemic sepsis bacillus, bacillus anthracis, tubercle bacillus, and pneumococcus), the central nervous system (tranquilizing and convulsion prevention effects), the respiratory system (bronchial asthma, and expectorant effects), and cardiovascular system (slowing high heart rates, lowering the level of cholesterol, and enduring hypoxia). It also has anti-cancer, immunity increase, tiredness reduction and anti-aging effects.

  • Cordyceps contains water (10.8%), fat (8.4%), millet protein (25~32%), carbohydrate (23.9%), millet fiber (18.5%), and 17 types of amino acids including 8 essential amino acids such as valine. It also has effective active substances with a medical action such as a small amount of cordycepin, D-mannitol (7.6%), and polysaccharide (11.2%). Cordycepin, a type of nucleic acid, is an isomer of quinic acid and has anti-cancerous actions.


  • The key ingredient of this product is coconut oil; this is mixed with grape seed oil, sorbitol, and jojoba oil, to which sanghwang mushroom extract is added