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Houttuynia Cordata Soap 100g

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  • South Korea South Korea
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  • Houttuynia cordata is given its name because of its fishy-smelling leaves. During the Jin Dynasty in China it was called 'Jeoja' meaning a plant with a salted fish smell. As 'Jeo' in Jeoja sounded similar to 'Jeup', it has been named 'Jeupchae'.
    When rubbed and torn into pieces, Houttuynia cordata smells like fish. It tastes spicy and has slightly cold qualities.
    With its outstanding effects of alleviating fever and draining wounds, Houttuynia cordata is used to treat coughs due to pulmonary abscess, vomiting bloody pus, pneumonia, acute and chronic bronchitis, enteritis, urinary tract infection, and furunculosis. It is also used for people with fever or having difficulty in urinating.

  • It is reported that the medical actions of Houttuynia cordata include anti-bacterial, immunity increase, anti-inflammation, diuretic, and anti-tussive effects.

  • Houttuynia cordata has vertical folds and clear joints on its stem. Fine roots are on the lower joints, and the canal is tender and easily broken. The leaves are curled up or crumpled but when stretched out, they show a heart shape. The leaves are pointed on the end; the upper part is dark yellowish-green or yellowish-brown, while the lower part is grayish-green or grayish-brown.